Booksource partners with leading professionals in the education field to bring you the most up-to-date research, resources, and best practices for literature in your classroom. Our Advocates specialize in a variety of fields across literacy from teaching writing to using books to encourage fitness. Click each Advocate below to learn more about their work, their partnership with Booksource, and titles they recommend.

Pam Allyn
Pam is the Executive Director and founder of LitWorld and LitLife, as well as, a widely known motivational speaker. She has written several professional books and speaks to people around the world on the importance of reading and writing.

Susan Radley Brown
Susan Radley Brown is the founding director of Accelerated Literacy Learning, which provides professional development in reading and writing across the country. Susan and the ALL team work to nurture professional growth among teachers and administrators, and higher levels of student achievement.

Burkins and Yaris
Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris are the writers and thinkers behind Burkins and Yaris—Think Tank for 21st Century Literacy, where their blog and their instructional resources have drawn a national audience and made them thought leaders in the field of literacy instruction.

Lucy Calkins
Lucy Calkins is the Robinson Professor of Children’s Literature at Teachers College Columbia University in New York City. She is the author of several classroom materials and professional development books as well as the founding director of the Reading and Writing Project.

Kelly Gallagher
Kelly Gallagher is a full-time English teacher at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, California where he has taught 27 years. He is the author of several professional development books that focus on middle and high school reading and writing.

Harvey and Goudvis
Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis are the authors of The Comprehension Toolkit, as well as several other titles focusing on comprehension. They work with schools and districts around the country to implement progressive literacy practices and encourage active literacy across the day and throughout the year.

Linda Hoyt
Linda Hoyt is the author of several professional titles centering on writing. She is a dynamic speaker and presents at conferences, workshops, and schools across the United States.

The International Reading Association (IRA) has been a nonprofit committed to worldwide literacy since 1956. In addition to some of their respected periodicals, they publish professional development books to help educators dig deeply into a topic. Booksource has partnered with IRA to pair some of their professional development with great children’s literature.

Penny Kittle
Penny is a high school teacher in North Conway, NH and founder of the Book Love Foundation. She is the author of several professional books around teaching reading and writing and speaks to teachers around the country, sharing her passion as she goes.

Donalyn Miller
Donalyn is the author of the popular book, The Book Whisperer and currently teaches fifth grade in Texas. She presents at conferences around the country about how she inspires her students to read over 40 books a year.

Lori Oczkus
Lori Oczkus has published several professional development titles and offers staff development in schools across the country. She works in classrooms every week and most of her work focuses on Reading Comprehension through Reciprocal Teaching.

Michael Opitz
Michael Opitz is a professor of reading at the University of Northern Colorado. He has written several professional development books, articles, and curricular resources and works at schools around the country.

Bob Wortman
Bob Wortman is a professor teaching graduate courses in Reading and Writing for the University of Arizona. He advocates for school wide literacy programs and works in schools, as well as, speaks at conferences around the country.

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