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Paired Texts Grades 3-5: Abraham Lincoln See All

Abe's Honest Words: The Life Of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Comes Home

Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln, The

Gettysburg Address, The

Just A Few Words, Mr. Lincoln

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Paired Texts Grades 3-5: Civil War See All

Ballad Of The Civil War, A

If You Lived At The Time Of The Civil War

True Stories Of The Civil War

Yankee Blue Or Rebel Gray? The Civil War Adventures Of Sam Shaw

Paired Texts Grades 3-5: Immigration See All

Ellis Island

Immigrant Kids

Lily And Miss Liberty

When Jessie Came Across The Sea

Paired Texts Grades 3-5: Our Solar System See All

Eight Days Gone


George's Secret Key To The Universe


Paired Texts Grades 3-5: Recycling See All

Faraway Fox

Joseph Had A Little Overcoat


Waste And Recycling

Paired Texts Grades 3-5: Rosa Parks See All

Back Of The Bus

Bus Ride

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks: My Story

Paired Texts Grades 3-5: Storms See All

Hurricane Katrina

Keep The Lights Burning, Abbie

Light In The Storm, A

Storm Called Katrina, A

Storm Makers, The

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Paired Texts Grades K-2: American Symbols See All

American Flag, The

Copper Lady, The

Emma's Poem: The Voice Of The Statue Of Liberty

Lady Liberty: A Biography

Lily And Miss Liberty

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Paired Texts K-2: Baseball See All

Alex Plays Baseball

Barbed Wire Baseball

Baseball Saved Us

My Baseball Book

Paired Texts K-2: Deserts See All

Alejandro's Gift

Desert Voices


Living In A Desert

Paired Texts K-2: Dogs See All

Big Dog...Little Dog

Different Dogs

Dog, The


Officer Buckle And Gloria

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Paired Texts K-2: George Washington See All

George Washington

George Washington's Teeth

Paired Texts K-2: Johnny Appleseed See All

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Seed By Seed

Story Of Johnny Appleseed, The

Paired Texts K-2: Stars See All

Lost Stars, The




Paired Texts K-2: Weather See All

How's The Weather?


Weather Forecasting

Weather Report, The