Help your students become purposeful, active readers with mentor texts that offer strong opportunities to model and practice comprehension strategies. We’ve built collections around the following strategies: connecting, determining importance, inferring, predicting, questioning, summarizing, synthesizing and visualizing/imaging.
Comprehension Strategies Big Books Kindergarten See All

Farmer Duck (Big Book)

Growing Frogs (Big Book)

Planting A Rainbow (Big Book)

Rattletrap Car (Big Book)

Where's My Teddy? (Big Book)

Comprehension Strategies Collection Kindergarten See All

Amazing Arctic Explorer Matthew Henson

America Is...

Arctic And Antarctica, The

Are We There Yet?

Artist And Me, The

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Connecting Kindergarten See All

America Is...

Because Of An Acorn

Bread, Bread, Bread

Friends At School

Move It, Miss Macintosh!

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Determining Importance Kindergarten See All

Grandfather's Journey

Grudge Keeper, The


Old Woman Who Named Things, The

Rainforest Habitat, A

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Inferring Kindergarten See All


Bugs Are Insects

Clothesline Clues To Jobs People Do

How Are You Peeling? Foods With Moods

I Want My Hat Back

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Predicting Kindergarten See All

Creak! Said The Bed

Mix It Up!

My Friend Rabbit


Princess In Training

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Questioning Kindergarten See All

Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, And Claws

Elephants Swim

Mrs. Chicken And The Hungry Crocodile

My Name Is Yoon

Swirl By Swirl: Spirals In Nature

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Summarizing Kindergarten See All

Boy Who Cried Ninja, The


Emperor's Egg, The

Inch By Inch

Secret Pool, The

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Synthesizing (Polar Regions) Kindergarten See All

Amazing Arctic Explorer Matthew Henson

Arctic And Antarctica, The

Baby Animals Of The Frozen Tundra

Bear Report, The

Over In The Arctic: Where The Cold Winds Blow

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Visualizing/Imaging Kindergarten See All

Are We There Yet?

Artist And Me, The

Hush! A Thai Lullaby

Listening Walk, The

Market Day

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