Grade 5
These collections of books are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards performance expectations. These titles were carefully selected to address key concepts such as the impact of humans on their local environment, patterns in behavior that help animal offspring survive, geoscience processes that have changed the Earth's surface.
NGSS Grade 5 Complete See All

Cacti Barely Need Water!

Composition Of Matter

Conservation Of Mass

Earth And The Role Of Water, The

Edible Sunlight

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NGSS Grade 5 Matter & Its Interactions See All

Composition Of Matter

Conservation Of Mass

Experiments With Matter And Materials

Properties Of Matter

Solids, Liquids, And Gases Science Projects

NGSS Grade 5 Motion & Stability See All

Explore Gravity! With 25 Great Projects

Gut-Wrenching Gravity And Other Fatal Forces

Why Do Balls Bounce? All About Gravity

You Wouldn't Want To Live Without Gravity!

NGSS Grade 5 Energy See All

Edible Sunlight

Forest Food Webs In Action

Growing Nutritious Food

Life And The Flow Of Energy

NGSS Grade 5 From Molecules To Organisms See All

Cacti Barely Need Water!

How Does A Seed Sprout?

Life Cycles Of Plants, The

NGSS Grade 5 Ecosystems See All

Explore Soil! With 25 Great Projects

Insects As Decomposers

Producers, Consumers, And Decomposers

NGSS Grade 5 Earth's Place In The Universe See All

Exploring Our Sun

Stars And Planets

Stars, Galaxies, And The Milky Way

STEM Guides To Space

NGSS Grade 5 Earth's Systems See All

Earth And The Role Of Water, The

Four Spheres Of Earth, The

Planet Earth: What Planet Are You On?

Water From Air: Water Harvesting Machines

NGSS Grade 5 Earth & Human Activity See All

Energy Island: How One Community Harnessed The Wind And Changed Their World

Hand To Earth: Saving The Environment

Living In A Sustainable Way: Green Communities