The Curse Of The Evil Eye

ISBN-10: 1603095012
ISBN-13: 9781603095013
Author: Rosello, Jarod
Illustrated by: Rosello, Jarod
Interest Level: 4-7
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Publication Date: January 2022

Copyright: 2022

Page Count: 216

Series: Red Panda & Moon Bear

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Cuban American siblings save the world! With their magic hoodies, Red Panda & Moon Bear can defeat any monster... but how do you stop a curse ? When an evil curse descends upon the city of Marti, it's up to Red Panda and Moon Bear to put a stop to it... but it won't be easy! First, they'll have to solve weird mysteries, fend off new monsters, and uncover the secret history of their neighborhood. With their trusty dog companions and some magical new friends by their side, Red Panda and Moon Bear must find a way to defeat Mal de Ojo -- The Evil Eye -- and keep it from ruining the lives of everyone they love!
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