Operacion Rescate (Operation Rescue)

ISBN-10: 8448855086
ISBN-13: 9788448855086
Author: Copons, Jaume
Illustrated by: Julve, Oscar
Interest Level: 2-5
Publisher: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Publication Date: January 2021

Copyright: 2021

Page Count: 96

Series: Aventura Total (Total Adventure)

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Ulises and Lia join Total Adventure, an extracurricular club that, as its name says, will take them on a total adventure! At Ulises and Lia's school, students can choose between several extracurricular activities. Against their will, both end up in the Total Adventure class with Professor Hache, a strange and sullen old man. What Ulises and Lia don't know is that the professor is hiding a secret and that they are about to embark on a frenetic adventure. Since Roxlo was captured, Ulises and Lia's only wish is to return to Eternia to rescue him. The problem is that Professor Hache has been tinkering with the ship for weeks and it seems the repair is going to take a long time. Then one day, Lia can't wait any longer and she boards the ship dragging Ulises with her. In the blink of an eye, they are racing to Eternia in search of Roxlo. But what they can't imagine is that, after a somewhat improvised landing, a long and arduous journey by land, sea, and air awaits them. And that Eternia is full of surprises and they still have a few to discover.
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