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Teacher Resources
Teacher Resources are comprehensive web-based educational guides that help you integrate your books with your lessons and save valuable planning time. Accessible from the Booksource website, the book guides are standard- and skill-aligned yet have a flexible framework that allows you to apply your own interpretations and teaching philosophy.
Our Teacher Resources are created by teachers throughout the U.S. and offer:
  • Links to additional digital resources
  • Lesson ideas
  • Discussion topics
  • Qualitative text analysis
  • Reading level information

Whether it’s your No. 1 tool for lesson planning or ancillary to existing materials, Teacher Resources can help you develop a platform for effective use of your classroom library.

Booksource offers Teacher Resources for thousands of titles and collections. Just log in to, then look for the Teacher Resources icon when you search our database or filter by Teacher Resources in the Advanced Search option.

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Read "Deconstructing Teacher Resources" to discover classroom ideas or for more information, give us a call at 800.444.0435 or email us at