Phonics Take Home Practice Packs

There are 26 packs, for grades K-3. Each pack includes five quality decodable texts, concentrating on a specific phonics area, plus a workbook that supports students and families with five hours of engaging activities that build foundational reading skills. The packs align with the typical progression of skills covered in a phonics program grounded in the science of reading. Together these resources strengthen students' decoding skills and foster parent engagement. These packs are available as: • Single sets, less than $35 per pack. • Grade level bundles, which include 6 sets of each Phonics Take Home Practice Pack in that grade level plus a few convenient storage bins. • A large K-3 bundle, which includes 6 sets of each of the 26 Phonics Take Home Practice Packs and 12 storage bins, ideal for a school bookroom. • Additional copies of the workbook are available for easy replacements as the Packs are returned and reshared.