Grade 2
Help your students become purposeful, active readers with mentor texts that offer strong opportunities to model and practice comprehension strategies. We’ve built collections around the following strategies: connecting, determining importance, inferring, predicting, questioning, summarizing, synthesizing and visualizing/imaging.
Comprehension Strategies Big Books Grade 2 See All

Bubble Trouble (Big Book)

Emperor's Egg (Big Book), The

Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry And The Big Hungry Bear (Big Book), The

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (Big Book)

Stellaluna (Big Book)

Comprehension Strategies Collection Grade 2 See All

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Before We Eat: From Farm To Table

Big Tractor

Bird Talk: What Birds Are Saying And Why

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Connecting Grade 2 See All

Bird Talk: What Birds Are Saying And Why

Farmer Duck

Fred Stays With Me!

Grandma's Records

Lizards, Frogs, And Polliwogs: Poems And Paintings

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Determining Importance Grade 2 See All

Bumblebee Queen, The

Camouflage: Changing To Hide

Feathers: Not Just For Flying

Fly Guy Presents: Space

Martin's Big Words: The Life Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Inferring Grade 2 See All

Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild


Leon And Bob

Seed Is Sleepy, A

Six-Dinner Sid

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Predicting Grade 2 See All

Dunderheads, The


Have You Heard The Nesting Bird?

In The Tall, Tall Grass

It's A Tiger!

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Questioning Grade 2 See All

Actual Size

Coal Thief, The

How To Clean A Hippopotamus: A Look At Unusual Animal Partnerships

Tell Me Why I Get Hungry

Three Questions, The

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Summarizing Grade 2 See All



Cloud Dance

Lincoln And Douglass: An American Friendship

Raising Dragons

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Visualizing/Imaging Grade 2 See All

Egg Is Quiet, An

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Skunk On A String

Thunder Rose


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