Booksource ClassroomTM

Bonus Benefit from Booksource!

Booksource Classroom is a free, online, classroom library management tool that can help you:

  • Track and manage every book in a classroom library.
  • Allow students to check out/return books.
  • View student reading habits at a glance.
  • Load books directly from your Booksource invoice.
  • Run a diversity audit and get instant recommendations for culturally responsive books.
Easily evaluate any classroom library for diversity!
Once books are imported into a Booksource Classroom account, LibraryLens® automatically analyzes the titles to evaluate the classroom library in six key areas:


Does the library contain enough books?


Is there approximately a 50/50 mix?

Reading Level

Are there below-level, on-level and above-level books?


Do the books represent various identities and reflect various experiences?


Does the library include new titles with recent copyright dates?


Does the library feature a robust selection across genres and topic?

Powered by Booksource’s robust title data, LibraryLens identifies classroom library gaps, recommends titles to fill them and makes it easy to purchase these titles from Booksource.