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Booksource is the leading provider of books for classroom libraries. We are experts in children’s and young adult literature for the classroom and have spent decades helping build thousands of the best classroom libraries that fit every classroom need imaginable. Our curated libraries and collections are infinitely scalable – from 500-book libraries to 5-book text sets.
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Educators are extremely busy, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to preview every title students might read. This is why Booksource does the work for you to make it easy to get the books you need for students. We are a trusted source for current, popular, high-quality, high-interest, culturally responsive, age-appropriate books that will meet the needs of educators and interests of students.

Our Collection Development team reviews newly published titles from 200+ publishers before they hit the market and develops propriety subject categories such as grade levels, topics, themes, the curriculum and standards they can support, and most importantly, their merit as an engaging book that can inspire reading.
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In addition to helping select the right books for classroom libraries, we offer free, personalized support to help you get books purchased, organized, labeled and shipped.